Color Wave

Plain Paper Color

All the quality and productivity you have come to expect when reproducing your drawings on color.

Redline or Color Mark Up Sets

Affordable way to reproduce redline comments in color instead of black and white.

Environmentally Friendly

The Océ Colorwave 600 is eco friendly with no ozone emissions, no odor, minimal waste disposal, and non toxic toner. A fully sustainable product that delivers an alternative to Ink and Toner based printers onto plain paper and fully recycled plain paper.

colorwave 1.jpg

Océ’s Pearl Toner technology provides instant drying, water fast images. Print on Tyvek for long-lasting jobsite sets!

Water Proof

The unique “silk shine” produces rich colors on uncoated papers.


The new systems allow for fast plain paper color to compete with slower color plotting systems. At speeds of up to 4 A1’s per minute.


You design in color, comment in color, but generally print in black and white. Producing faster cheaper color on Plain Paper will allow you to communicate better with your clients.

Improves Communication

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colorwave 3.jpg